Nuby Replacement Spouts Save $$ and Landfills

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Nuby replacement spouts are saving buyers money and are allowing them to help save our environment. 

How do they save money?  Before replacement spouts became available, when a spout would get torn, lost, or sticky, the cup needed to be replaced.  Now, when you purchase the cup, you only need to buy a replacement spout. You are only paying for the spout and not the cup.  The cups will last for years. 

To test the cost savings, add up the cost of purchasing 10 new Nuby sippy cups and then add up the cost of buying 10 Nuby replacement spouts.  If there is a shipping charge, make sure you include the shipping charges for both items.  When comparing the two, you should see a significant savings buying the spouts instead of the cups.

How do they save the environment?  The sippy cups take up lots of space in the landfills.  This is definitely unnecessary space because customers will oftentimes throw away perfectly good sippy cups instead of just buying the replacements.  The Nuby sippy cups will last for years.  We have used them in our own family through several generations and know they are durable, even when washed on the top rack of a dishwasher.  We still prefer to hand wash our cups and spouts because it is so easy and especially if you only have one cup you use over and over again.  There is less wear and tear when you don't use harsh dishwasher detergents.

Calculate the savings and when you see the cost savings, you will most likely want to order some replacement spouts.  Just make sure you have the correct NUBY cups when you order the spouts. 

The spouts only fit specific cups and Nuby does not make spouts for all of their sippy cups; only just for a few.  Please see our other blog posts on the specific types of spouts available.